Time flies...

Wow. 14 moths since the last update. Told you I ignore this blog as much as the others…

Quick update on fitness stuff.

In 2015 my GF and I agreed to do a 5k every month of the year. We succeeded (well, June was a mini-triathlon instead of a 5k, but I still count that.), and we are *NOT* doing that again this year. It’s easy to get a 5k in from spring through fall, then it gets to be a pain in the ass. And I don’t like running when it’s super cold.

Last January – March the company I work for had a “biggest loser” style fitness challenge. Everyone chipped in $10, the individual who had the highest percentage weight loss got the pot. In addition, because this was team based, the team with the highest percentage won a paid day off voucher. I didn’t win the pot, but my team did win the day off. I never got to use said day off, but that’s neither here nor there. Starting weight was 240-ish, ending weight was 220-ish.

Between then and now, I gained all that weight back. No real surprise there, I stopped running and went back to my bad eating habits. Basically, the only time I ran past March of last year was when we did the 5ks. No training plan, very inconsistent workouts, shit diet. The recipe for falling off the wagon.

It’s fitness challenge time yet again. I’m in the same team as last year, starting weight was right about the same. My progress hasn’t been great the first month, but I’m starting to make improvements. On thing that’s different this year is that official weigh in days are Monday instead of Friday. I’m not super fond of the change, but it is serving to make me more aware of what I eat during the weekends when I’m with my GF. I’ve noticed that we don’t eat that well, which is sad considering she’s a vegetarian and we normally eat basically the same thing. Too much cheese pizza, not enough decent food, I guess.

I have started going to the gym a lot more. Anyone who knows me knows I detest getting up early. I’m a night owl, I like staying up late. So the fact that I’m getting up at 0500 at least 2 days a week and going to an HIIT class might strike a few as one of the Biblical signs of armageddon. But it’s been going pretty well. Granted, my criteria for a successful class is one in which I do not throw up, so the bar is a little low.But progress!

I’ve acquired some new pieces of kit over the last year, but I’ll make some separate posts on them. In short, I’ve upgraded my GPS watch and Fitbit, plus added a Fitbit scale. But again, more on those later.