Time for something new

I’ve been on this fitness journey for a while now, starting back in September of 2012 when I realized that I had put on at least 25 pounds in the previous 6 months. Through the use of MyFitnessPal and basic calorie restriction, I managed to drop that weight in about 9 months.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I found Fitocracy and signed up. I made some great friends, have learned a lot (and have a lot still to learn) and have tried several types of workouts. I surprised myself when I discovered that I enjoy running and by completing a couple of 5k races in 2013.

Now that it’s winter and cold, I’m not doing a lot of running so I’ve been looking for stuff to do in my house with minimal equipment. I’ve dabbled with bodyweight routines, yoga, different “challenges” (squats, push-ups, etc). So far, not much is sticking. Most of my friends on Fito are proponents of picking up heavy things and putting them down again. Of course, most of them have a gym membership or some impressive home equipment (DIY power rack built by an engineer, anyone?).

I can’t really say I’m “training” right now, I’m really dabbling, trying to find something that connects with me as much as running does. Between kettlebells, a few plates and a pull up bar + assistance bands I’m sure I’ll find something. I just need to make some changes and get off my ass.

In that vein, I’ve started focusing on my diet again, trying to cook at home as much as possible and track by macronutrients this time instead of just calories. I’ve set custom goals in MFP to assist in the tracking, cooked a weeks worth of food and packaged it ahead of time and am doing my best to avoid the ever-present candy and donuts at the office. Today is my first day of this, I can already tell it’s going to be a little rough until I adjust to it. Too much holiday indulgence, I’ve fallen off from my rather strict IF regime, and too many cravings for sweet things lately.

I’ve got plenty of support from my friends online, I just need to find something and stick with it. Hopefully updating this regularly (unlike all my other blogs that get ignored) will help with the motivation once I figure out something that I like,